Location Date Local Time Activity
DERBY, GB 24/02/2006 20:31 ARRIVAL SCAN
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9 Responses to Progress

  1. alex says:

    i can hardly control my excitement. i spect its my birthday present :)

  2. rjw says:

    Given that I discussed your birthday present with you on Tuesday, I suspect you might be wrong :)

  3. alex says:

    yes, but helicopters are cheaper from america!

  4. grant says:

    Stupidly expensive piece of camera equipment.

    That’s my obvious guess.

    Either that or a mail-order bride.

  5. alex says:

    do you think he edited the shipping list to miss out that it originated in thailand? from

  6. Father says:

    Father’s birthday approaches as well. He is of course an Olympus man currently with only 2 lens and no flash! (Having disposed of all film related equipment – OM2sp, OM40, small lens, medium lens, big lens and mirror, ttl flash and tripod, not wishing to drop any hints!!!!)

  7. grant says:

    Tingtong is from Tooting………..