Ride Totals: February 2006

Another fairly poor month. Tonights ride has been cancelled partly due to the weather, and partly due to the fact I’ve got a cold and my shoulders and neck ache lots.

Bike Rides Miles
Specialized Langster 17 71.5
Trek XO 3 57
Cove Stiffee 2 19
On-One Inbred (fixed) 6 16.75
Totals 28 164.25

As with last month, must try harder.

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6 Responses to Ride Totals: February 2006

  1. matt says:

    398 miles for me, this month :)
    1 frame broken. 2 news bikes built. 0 chains destroyed.

  2. Simon says:

    204 miles for me. Not really enough.

    That curvy bike is horrid!

  3. ya matt says:

    i bet it’s a million quid.

  4. Steve says:

    Anything that ugly has to be really expensive.

  5. samuri says:

    It’s awful. It’s a cruiser trying to be a mountain bike.