It’s a bit sticky out

I took the Stiffee for a spin out through North Stoke today. For some reason I’d not ridden the second part of the route for a couple of years, so it was nice to rediscover it again. The top of the first descent was so claggy that I had to walk the first half because it was completely unridable.


The rest of the ride more than made up for it though, and I didn’t see anyone else until I reached the cycle track to ride back to town.

More pictures

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5 Responses to It’s a bit sticky out

  1. Simon says:

    That’s incredibly muddy!

  2. Mother says:

    What lovely sheep! I hope you’ve washed all that nasty mud off your bike and not trodden it into your nice clean house.

  3. grant says:


    My Cove seems to be the bike of choice at the moment.

  4. Steve says:

    Have you moved then?

  5. samuri says:

    that’s true clag. and nice last picture of singletrack there, it suggests mucho fun at high speed.