Someone forgot to bring the fun

The Bath Half Marathon family fun day was a bit of a let down mainly because there was hardly anybody there. That was probably partly due to the wind and the cold, and partly due to the fact it didn’t seem to be that well promoted. I carted all my camera kit down ready to take photographs of all the visitors and the scout volunteers, but didn’t even bother taking it out of my bag. I did at least pick up my reflective vest with "Photographer" printed across the back.

Tomorrow I’ll be helping hand out drinks in the same place as last year, I hope it’s a bit warmer than today.

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3 Responses to Someone forgot to bring the fun

  1. matt says:

    I ran today, my legs are properly bolloxed now.

  2. alex says:

    i got one of those jackets with POLICE written on it.. they’re great…

  3. Father says:

    Mines a Guiness!