Marathon time

It’s the Bath Half Marathon time of year again. I was in the same place as last year with most of the same people, luckily it was a lot sunnier today than it has been recently, but it was still windy and cold.

The leaders on lap one

After two hours of madness it was pretty much all over and it was time to head home and trawl through 200 photographs.

Same again next year?

More pictures

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8 Responses to Marathon time

  1. Mother says:

    Just you and the box-brownie then?

  2. Alex says:

    there’s me! it’s me! i’m in a photograph! woohoo! i’m famous!!!

  3. matt says:

    You’re Black?

    (is it gay to say: that guy on the left’s got amazing quads ??)

    Ace shot richiebo

  4. rjw says:

    Alex was probably referring to this pic

  5. matt says:

    now *that* would make more sense :)

  6. Mother says:

    Who’s been using my name again? This has got to stop!

  7. rjw says:

    Unless the cats have learnt to type, I reckon it’s Father.

  8. Olly says:

    Oooh, my mate Tim was running that.

    /me wanders off to trawl through the pics…