The Last Ride?

Tonight was possibly my last ride on the Kaboom. It’s a 19" frame which I’ve always found it a tad too short, and I’ve been keeping half an eye out for a larger replacement. After a couple of failed attempts, I’ve now arranged to buy a 20" Kona Unit from Bez which should hopefully arrive next week. It’ll get built up with the Hope brakes which were destined for the Craftworks, along with the drivetrain and controls from the Kaboom. If someone wants the Kaboom I’ll sell it, otherwise I might hang on to it to rebuild at some point in the future.

I headed out on the usual University route tonight, the road climb was painful, partly due to a slipping seatpost, but mainly due to a complete lack of fitness, but once I reached the top it was great fun. Enough sloppy mud to be fun, but enough grip to still be controllable. The only downside was that for the second ride in a row the trip back from Bathampton took place in the pouring rain.

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11 Responses to The Last Ride?

  1. Simon says:

    Are you going to keep the really short forks on the Unit or add some bounce?

  2. rjw says:

    I’ll leave the tiny forks on there to start with, I might stick the Vanillas on there later though, depends what happens with the Kaboom.

  3. Steve says:

    I’ve just bought 2 sheds.

  4. rjw says:

    Are you trying to be like Arthur Jackson?

  5. alex says:

    i bought some new shoes on sunday… and they were only

  6. rjw says:

    Have you got shed envy?

  7. alex says:

    i dont feel inadequate that i haven’t got a shed… thats what garages are for…

  8. rjw says:

    Actually Steve already had two sheds, that must mean he’s got four now which is just greedy.

  9. Father says:

    So that’s shedloads of sheds then, is it?

  10. Steve says:

    I’ve bought 2 6′ x 8′ metal ones so I can bolt them together to put the motorbikes in. I just hope they go together now!

  11. Father says:

    Forced shed breeding?