Brake down

Today I have been mostly trying to bleed my Hope E4 brakes in preparation for the arrival of the Unit. I quickly remembered how much I hate servicing Hope brakes and very nearly spent £110 on some Shimano LX brakes just to save me the hassle of having to deal with the Hopes.

I’ll probably need at least another rear brake soon if I’m going to resurrect the Craftworks, although I’ll probably end up getting a pair of Shimano ones for the Unit and sticking the Hopes on the Craftworks.

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5 Responses to Brake down

  1. matt says:

    I hate e4’s mine’s so tempremental.

  2. Simon says:

    I have a spare Hope Mini (rear, 165mm) if you’re interested. Well it’ll be spare when I take it off the blur. No idea how much it’s worth.

  3. Steve says:

    You should try filling the rear master cylinder on my RS250, I have to take most of the rear bodywork off.

  4. alex says:

    you should try taking a devil-incarnate 3 year old child round Bristol’s Wild Walk without the use of a safety net…. tsk.. brakes on a bike? easy peasy..

  5. rjw says:

    Why didn’t you take Ethan instead?