The usual suspects are off to Afan this weekend ostensibly for a weekend of bike riding, but most likely it’ll be a weekend of beer drinking. Given the current weather, I’m not that upset that I couldn’t make it due to other commitments.

Tonight was a scout hike, due to transport issues I ended up parking at the end of the route and walking down to the start, then walking back again with the scouts. Fortunately it didn’t rain too heavily during the walk, it seems to have saved it for afterwards as it’s raining quite heavily now.

Tomorrow is Ethan’s birthday party, I really ought to wrap his present at some point.

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6 Responses to Wet

  1. alex says:

    Ethan has just managed to pull a radiator off the wall and now our lounge is slowly flooding while we wait for the plumber…

    His party is hereby cancelled as we will need to send him out to work to earn enough to pay for a new carpet….

  2. matt says:

    Do you have any mines around your way?

  3. Father says:

    They are filling in the old stone mines on Combe Down. However they frown on the dumping of small boys in case it weakens the mixture!

  4. Mother says:

    Let the carpet get really, really wet then claim for a new one on your house insurance……

  5. Steve says:

    It’s a shame it leaked all over the wallpaper, sofa, TV, HiFi and PS2 isn’t it.