Stir Crazy

I’ve not ridden a bike properly now for what seems like an age. In reality it’s only a week or so, but feels like a lifetime. The only days it’s been dry enough to ride are the days I’ve been tied up with something else, or as is the case today, suffering from lurgy.

It’s almost enough to make me consider getting a turbo trainer!

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6 Responses to Stir Crazy

  1. matt says:

    it was reet nice up here tonight, a little windy, but still nice.

  2. Simon says:

    Was nice down here today so I went to the pub and got pissed :)

  3. Tom says:

    A turbo trainer is just an exercise in wasting money!

  4. Father says:

    The RAF got rid of their piston trainers, the Bulldog, for a Brazilian turbo trainer, the Embrear Tucano.
    Just thought you’d all like to know.

  5. matt says:

    I saw an RAF Helicopter today, most exciting when you’re actually higher than it’s hover :D

  6. Simon says:

    Did you take pics of it Matt?