Another Wasted Bank Holiday

I’ve managed to completely waste this bank holiday due to being ill. Apart from a quick trip to buy food on Friday evening, I’ve not left the house since I got home from work last Thursday. I was hoping to ride a bike tomorrow night, but it looks like I might have to put my photographer hat on and go out and do some work instead.

For all the stalkers out there, you can see my house on here, and my car as well come to think of it. You can even see my office if that excites you.

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3 Responses to Another Wasted Bank Holiday

  1. matt says:


  2. samuri says:

    wow! That’s excellent quality, way better than the google earth of my house. doesn’t do my house in anything other than ‘very far away’ at the moment.

    BUmmer about the weekend. I did a massive 68 miles on Sunday followed by another 10 or so with the boy in blazing sunshine. HTH. ;-)

  3. matt says:

    I’m sure that helped, Jon.
    I did. erm