Maiden Voyage

The saddle and bars were slightly too high, and the gears need a final fettle, but other than that it’s a pretty nice bike to ride.

Being a "traditional" frame, rather than the compact frames I’ve ridden until now, it looks a bit odd with only a few inches of seatpost emerging from the top of the seattube, however the reach is almost perfect with the 120mm stem pinched from the Schwinn. As time and money permit I’ll upgrade it to slightly better components, one possibility is converting the cross bike to Campagnolo and putting the Shimano parts from that onto the Ribble.

If I make it to the LBS after work tonight, it might get a proper outing on the Thursday evening ride this week.

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6 Responses to Maiden Voyage

  1. matt says:

    have you cracked a bottle of bubbly over it’s headtube?

  2. rjw says:

    No. I did have a can of Stella once I’d finished building it though.

  3. matt says:

    Sounds more appropriate.
    How’s the shoulder?