July: Getting better

July’s totals would have been better if I’d managed to ride this last weekend, however a combination of overtime and picnics conspired to stop me riding. Tonights ride was also cut short due to the rain.

Bike Rides Miles
Lemond Buenos Aires 4 132.25
Kona Unit 6 75
Ribble Audax 19 66.75  
Kona Kaboom 2 16.75
Trek XO 1 12.50
Specialized Langster 1 3.5
Totals 33 306.75

The legs are evil and must be punished

That was probably my longest post-work ride ever. 38 miles with 3081ft/939m of climbing.

We started off on the usual Chew Valley route but took a slight diversion in Pensford to check out a new variation on the route. When we got back to the outskirts of Saltford instead of taking the easy route home I rode part way back with Ian and took in a few more climbs. The extra climbs and a few impromptu sprints along the way have finished me off for the night.

If I can get another good ride in in the next few days I should be on for my best month since I started keeping track of my mileage.


It’s horribly hot and sticky out, and we’re doing a 40 mile road ride tonight. I’m almost tempted to torture myself and take the Langster instead of the gear-equipped Lemond. I’m sure sanity will prevail in the end thoughl

Pub bike put into practice

The aim tonight was to ride out to Avoncliff for a pint or two, then ride back home again. However by the time we’d got to Dundas Aqueduct we decided to head back again and stop off in Bathampton for a pint instead. The only downside was the long queue at the bar again.

The pub bike worked pretty well, it’d probably be a lot better though if the front brake wasn’t partially stuck on all the time.

Crossing Over

I took the cross bike out tonight for the first time in about four months. Once I hopped on my first though was “blimey this feels small”, quickly followed by a quick stop to put the saddle up another cm or so, I’m sure my legs must be stretching.

My arm is still a bit sore, and the cross bike isn’t the most forgiving form of off-road transport, so after the first bit of singletrack I decided to head down the roads into Monkton Combe then back along the canal for a quick 12.5 mile loop.

Question of the day

What bike should I ride tonight? At the moment I’m leaning towards finding some spare pedals for the cross bike and taking that for a spin.

Yesterday we did a 38 mile trip down to Chew Valley Lake and back. I was due to leave at 09:15 to meet Ian but it started raining again at 9 so we delayed things for an hour or so. It was still raining when I headed out at 10, but was starting to clear up by the time I met Ian at 11, and was lovely and sunny by the time we got to the tea stop at Chew Valley just before 12.

A bike-free day

I didn’t touch a bike at all today. My arm was too painful this morning to be able to ride to work, so I resorted to a gentle stroll in by foot.

The antibiotics seem to be having an effect though. The swelling seems to be receeding slightly, although it’s still fairly painful to touch or move too much. Hopefully another 48 hours should clear things up enough to be able to get a proper ride in on Sunday.

Has anyone used the phrase "Floyd on Form" yet today?

No riding today

I’ll be having a night off the bike tonight for two reasons. It’s too bloody hot out there, and my arm still hurts.

The swelling on my arm is getting redder and larger, and the outside fingers are still partially numb. Following a flying visit to see the doctor this afternoon I’ve now got a 7-day course of antibiotics to take which should hopefully clear things up though.

Sweaty Singlespeed Sufferfest

It’s hot out there with a capital H O T today. I got home from work at 16:10 and noticed that I had a parcel to collect from the sorting office, so I quicky got changed, refilled the camelbak, grabbed the Unit, and was back out on the bike by 16:25. The long slog up Wellsway was pretty painful in this heat, and then I managed to smack my left arm into a branch on the first bit of singletrack meaning that the entire outside of my arm and the outside two fingers are now quite painful. The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful, if a little uncomfortable. I picked up the package on the way back through town, and was home by 17:45.

12 miles and 1080ft/329m climbing in an hour and a bit.