Another night, another ride round the Uni

Another work ride tonight. Sandy turned up at my house slightly late, and we headed out on the usual climb out of the valley. Once we reached the top we headed along the main road instead of the usual path ‘cos I had to pick some stuff up from the Vets, however I spent most of the ride across the top trying to stop my legs cramping painfully. Once we’d finished at the Vets I put my saddle up again which seemed to solve the problem. My legs must be stretching as I’ve put the saddle up over an inch in the last week or two.

The rest of the ride was pretty good, the trails are still in perfect condition. The only downer was the long wait at the pub before we got served. Another 12 miles on the Unit in the bag though.

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1 Response to Another night, another ride round the Uni

  1. matt says:

    Well done. bikes ace.
    I might finish some of my new ones soon!