Lessons Learned

Never listen to Ian when he says “I’ve got a new idea for part of the route today”, it’ll only end in pain.

The first planned deviation we took was actually quite nice, however after the tea stop Ian decided it would be a good idea to head up towards Dundry instead of heading round the back of Chew Magna. We ended up riding a steep climb, a short descent, then an even steeper climb. I can now say that I’ve ridden it once, and never plan to do it again. It did at least add a few miles and another 150 meters of climbing onto the route. The rest of the ride was actually really good.

In the end I did 40 miles with 3218ft/981m of climbing. If only I’d done another 2 miles I’d have reached 100 miles for the week.

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7 Responses to Lessons Learned

  1. matt says:

    40miles, good going, ride to your parents for tea, that will get you over 100!

  2. rjw says:

    It’d probably take me well over 400, they are away this weekend :)

  3. matt says:

    Go around, just to make sure they aren’t lying to you :)

  4. Tom says:

    102.63 miles this week so I’ve only gained 4 on you.

  5. rjw says:

    I might have to pop out and do 5 miles after Top Gear then :)

  6. Simon says:

    The caravan bit was ace :)

  7. Father says:

    I know you’re all worried, but we’re back. Proms in the Park at Audlem for the weekend with Rich’s Godmother!
    It’s a balmy evening, plenty of time to trip the meter over the ton. I will be watching.