Exploring new routes

I was meant to be out on a work ride tonight, however they are now cancelled for the foreseeable future after Sandy had a crash on the Cwm Carn DH course yesterday resulting in him being off the bike for the next three months.

In the end the lure of an empty A4 though Saltford was too much to resist and I headed out through Saltford and across to Marksbury to try out a new route back to Bath. After one short but steep climb I had a few miles of empty country lanes to swoop through all the way down to Newton St Loe, almost perfect.

16 miles and 1115ft/340m of climbing in just over an hour.

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4 Responses to Exploring new routes

  1. Simon says:

    Crash sounds nasty :(

    Another dry, dusty singlespeed ride for me this evening. Lovely.

  2. matt says:

    slippery as hell up here too.. and they’ve added a “waterbar of death” to the AICR.

  3. Simon says:

    Waterbar of death? You mean the ditch filled with big rocks? I just flew straight across it :)

  4. matt says:

    yeah, that one.. I hope they do it properly. otherwise, that;s a bad place for being airborne!.. I;m expecting more to appear..stupidly where they put it NEVER gets even slightly puddly!.. infact on where ont eh AICR does..