So what can I say?

We were there for 10 days or so, and to start with it was bloody hot, about 36oC when we arrived, however after the weekend it cooled to the mid 20s and even rained a bit on the Wednesday before we came back. The rain didn’t really inconvenience us much though.

We were staying in a hotel in Monte Estoril which is part way between Cascais and Estoril. There isn’t a huge amount to see in Estoril apart from a overly large casino, but there is plenty more in Cascais. The terminally inquisitive can even see a satellite view of the hotel.

We didn’t do much other than eat, drink, eat, and drink a bit more. We went into Lisbon one day, but it was too hot to do much, other days we wandered into Cascais for lunch, or just lounged around the pool. Most evenings we went to the same place to eat. The food was very good and relatively cheap, the beer and wine was plentiful, and they had Sky TV, chips, and english sausages to placate Ethan.

I didn’t take many photos in the end, partly because we didn’t do or visit much worth photographing, and most of the time it was too hot to lug a camera bag around. What photos I did take can be found in the usual place: Portugal 2006 photos. Now that the regulations have changed to limit the size of carry-on luggage, I’ll almost certainly not be taking the SLR abroad again.

Would I go back again? Yes, but probably in a couple of years time rather than next year.

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5 Responses to Portugal

  1. matt says:

    I assumed the luggage size limitation was a temporary measure.

    Glad you had a nice time, did Ethan enjoy himself?

  2. rjw says:

    We were OK with baggage coming back, but there is a new lower limit when flying out of the UK which doesn’t look like it’ll be going away any time soon.

    Ethan had a great time.

  3. matt says:

    I don’t see why they are limiting bag sizes.. surely all bombs are small nowadays anyway?

    Hopefully the Ryanair Case will knock it back into shape… not that it affects me anyway!

    + Good.

  4. alex says:

    Would you go back again? Depends if we invite you ;) he he

  5. rjw says:

    I’m perfectly capable of finding my way back on my own :)