Gears are weird

I rode the Stiffee tonight for the first time in ages, it’s been a bit neglected of late because I’ve been favouring the simplicity of the rigid singlespeed Kona Unit. It felt quite odd being back on the Stiffee, I kept forgetting to change gear, and forgot to disable the lockout on the forks until I’d ridden most of the first off-road section. It was a pretty good ride in the end, I didn’t crash and rip my top for a change, and the trails were nice and firm despite all the recent rain. I picked up a shiny new Deda UltraCarbon stem for the road bike on the way back through town, it looks pretty nice now it’s been fitted so I probably ought to ride that bike tomorrow to test things out.

I also passed 1500 miles for the year on tonights ride, I’ll need to do a few more rides before the end of the month to keep on track.

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2 Responses to Gears are weird

  1. Father says:

    SuperGran has worked her magic again and repaired the repaired repairs on the wooley top!

  2. matt says:

    Ripping holes is the main reason I won’t buy woolen products.. oh and the cost.