I snapped yet another spoke in the rear wheel on the Lemond today. This time it was about 15 miles into a 35 mile ride, necessitating several stops to keep it straight enough to stop the tyre rubbing on the chainstay. I’ve stripped the wheel down and it’s going back to the shop to be completely rebuilt when George gets back from his holiday. In the meantime I’m trying to decide whether to buy some cheap Campag compatible wheels to use as spares, or whether to buy some nice expensive ones and keep the current set as spares. My wallet however is being sensible and saying that I should ride a different bike for a while. Ian suggested I go for 36 spoke wheels instead of the current 32s, but that might be because they’ve got a set of 36 spoke Campagnolo Centaur/Mavic Open Pro hanging up on the wall for sale.

Apart from the wheel shenanigans, it was a good ride. Nice and cool, with the weather clearing nicely towards the end. The cake was different though, the chocolate was slightly darker than usual. The spoke key on a Topeak Hummer blows goats though, it’s fecking useless. Time to equip my saddle back with a proper Park spoke key.

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3 Responses to Snap!

  1. matt says:

    Get the rebuild then save money over the winter for some nicer wheels for next summer,. you won’t be using the Lemond all that much from the end of September, so don’t rush into purchasing some boring wheels, save and get some fancy ones.

    I need a cake shop on my rides.

  2. rjw says:

    Stop being so sensible Matt :)

    Cake stops are ace, and should be a part of every good ride.

  3. samuri says:

    cake shops are ace! for true. I always look forward to stopping for a nice cup of tea and some chocolate. Chat to some roadies, cos mtbers are usually a bit frigid, then back on the bike, feel sick for 10 minutes and then balls out when it all comes together for that last sprint home.