Running on empty

Tonights ride didn’t go exactly to plan.

I met Ian at the shop as usual and we headed out along the cycle track at a nice brisk 20mph. Things started to go downhill at this point as the rain started to fall. Once we reached Saltford we headed up towards the top of Double Gravity which is where I really began to struggle. My legs just wouldn’t work at all, at one point I didn’t think I’d actually reach the top of the climb. Once we got to the top Ian headed on towards home, I stopped to eat my emergency Go bar, then headed back the way I’d come.

I eventually got home wet and tired after only 15 miles which isn’t that good really.

Autumn colours

Autumn is well and truely on it’s way, so I welcomed it’s arrival with a spin on the Unit tonight. I put Easy Star All-Stars on the iPod and headed up round the Uni again to play slalom with the newly arriving students. There was an almost perfect sunset as I rode across the downs which made for a nice scenic ride.

The cross bikes will be out tomorrow night with any luck.

I’ll never look at it the same way again.

A couple of years back I was in a meeting with a few colleagues from the IT department, and a non-technical IT manager from another department. We were discussing DR options for their servers, in particular mirroring a fairly large, but mostly static, set of documents across onto another server. I suggested using rsync, and went on to explain it, but kept getting a slightly odd look from this other manager everytime I mentioned the word "rsync". Halfway through the meeting it finally dawned on me, she probably thought I was talking about "arse ink".

Ever since that meeting, it’s almost impossible for anyone to mention rsync without at least one of use bursting into fits of laughter.

Rsync, a useful tool eternally corrupted by a misinterpretation.

Riding on a Saturday?

For the first time in living memory[1] I went for a proper ride on a Saturday. There was an ulterior motive in that there was a working party at the scout hut I needed to be at, and the hut conveniently lies two thirds of the way round one of my usual rides. I took the Unit out for a bit of flat-barred variety, and pottered round the usual route trying to avoid all the students re-emerginging from their summer hibernation and returning to university.

I spent a few hours helping out at the scout hut, most of that time was spent chopping down trees. Strangely enough, Sidi Dominators aren’t the best shoes to wear when performing tree surgery. Maybe there is a gap in the market for spd compatible steel toecap work boots?

[1] Well, a good few months at least

Trail Sanitation

It’s not often that I agree with trails being sanitized, but this time I’ll make an exception. Cow Shit Alley has been resurfaced and it’s ace.

Cow Shit Alley is the access lane from Bath Golf Club to the Bathampton relay transmitter. For as long as I can remember it’s been a quagmire of cow shit and piss, and occasionally a bit of mud thrown in for good measure. Even in the middle of summer it never really dries out, it just thickens up a bit. It’s wasn’t actually that bad to ride, but you took your life in your hands risking all sorts of nasty diseases from the crap you have to ride through.

It’s now been resurfaced with a bed of gravel and stone and is a nice fast run into the proper offroad paths into the woods.

Should have worn arm warmers

It’s getting chilly out in the evenings now.

For the first time in quite a while I took the Langster out for a spin tonight. Since it last left the house it’s gained a new chain, so the drive train is now blissfully quiet. I’m not sure how long that will last though. Having not ridden a fixed gear bike for a while it was noticable that whilst I could comfortably spin along on the flat at 19mph, I was stuggling as soon as I had to grind slowly up a hill. More practice is obviously needed.

Coming back down into Saltford and into town it actually got a bit chilly, arm warmers or a long sleeved top might have been a good idea.