Saltford Pavé

Despite the claims of the weather forecast it actually turned out to be a nice day today, the weather this evening was almost perfect for riding, with some photogenic skies to watch on my evening ride.

I headed out on my semi-usual route past Burnett, but instead of coming back along the cycle track as is usual, I took the opportunity offered by the road being closed and came back through Saltford and into Bath along the main road. The first part of the road from Keynsham to the middle of Saltford has been ripped up and leaves a surface resembling the infamous pavé of the Paris-Roubaix. The cross bike would have been better suited to the surface as it gave me a bit of a battering on the road bike, albeit in a fun sort of way.

I only did 15 miles in the end, a nice gentle end to the week.

The new rear wheel is creaking a bit now, I think it’s two of the bladed spokes rubbing against each other, I might whip it off the bike and give it a tweak over the weekend.

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5 Responses to Saltford Pavé

  1. Simon says:

    Rich, destroyer of wheels! Had a lovely late afternoon ride on the cross bike. The new headset meant it actually steered properly as well :)

  2. rjw says:

    I think I’m going to offer my destructive testing services to C+ :)

  3. Simon says:

    You should do. Not everyone is a 10st whippet like that Paul Vincent bloke they have testing stuff for them :)

  4. matt says:

    10st? has he put on weight? ;)

  5. Simon says:

    Only children or freaks are less than 10 stone :)

    Someone that light would get blown away today, it’s crazy windy.