New and improved

The Lemond in it’s current incarnation.

Lemond Buenos Aires

More changes next week hopefully when the new Record levers arrive.

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11 Responses to New and improved

  1. Simon says:

    Those wheels look very posh. How’s the stem?

  2. rjw says:

    It does a perfect job of holding the bars in the right place.

    I looks nice though which is the important bit.

  3. matt says:

    OOO! those wheels look better than mine, infact the whole bike does.. is that top tube dark green?

    I finished the pipedream tonight. seems to ride* ok :)

    *up and down the street squealing the brakes and impressing the neighbours

  4. rjw says:

    It’s unpainted carbon.

    Christening the Pipedream tomorrow then?

  5. matt says:

    Looks green, did they use seaweed instead of black string?
    Nope, off to destroy people on a singlespeed, it would be no fun with gears… I guess I could do 2 rides 2 bikes.
    might just road ride… dunno I’ll make a choice tomorrow…

  6. rjw says:

    It’s probably down to a dodgy white balance.

  7. matt says:

    the other black looks black though, must have been the light… my bike was purple today :)

  8. rjw says:

    The carbon frame is dark grey rather than black.

    Very few of the carbon bits on the bike actually match each other.

  9. rjw says:

    It’s changed again since that photo, I ended up swapping the tyres for 25mm Conti Gatorskins late last night.

  10. matt says:

    my tyres have no tread pattern at all now, no idea where it went.