Can I have a refund please?

Today has not started well.

I got to work only to find that my PC had died again with the usual Dell thermal cutout problem. Fair enough, it’s happened before, I’ll just grab a spare machine and transplant my drives and memory across. I get another machine, pop everything in, and it won’t boot, mainly because it won’t detect the primary HD. So I grab another spare machine, and that one does the same. It turns out that the primary drive has failed as well.

I end up getting a brand new machine, and start reinstalling all my apps, the only problem is that I’ve lost my email archive, and the backup of my work is a few weeks out of date. After much faffing I decide to try rebuilding the dead drive with the electronics from a working one, and much to my surprise it works perfectly. I’m now trying to find space to dump the contents of the old drive so I can sort through it all. At least I’ve got my Firefox bookmarks back though :)

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9 Responses to Can I have a refund please?

  1. matt says:

    Woop! My computer’s power adaptor’s flaking out on me now, well i might have fixed it after I twisted the wire and a bright light lit up inside the power cable.. so I replaced that before it causes and inferno (not a disco one)

  2. alex says:

    I’ve got meself a new laptop :) Now just got to work out the best way to copy 40gb of data from one to the other… hmmmmmm

  3. alex says:

    would be an excellent idea if i had one :)

  4. rjw says:


    Use wireless, that’s what it’s there for.

  5. matt says:

    I prefer wires, I don’t want my data getting sucked under the fridge or blown into the garden.. don’t you know anything about data security, rich, sheeesh! ;)

  6. Father says:

    Print it all out and copy it back by hand. Much safer. And you can burn all the paper afterwards so no-one can look at it.