Two seasons in one ride

A late start today made a nice change. I eventually left the house just after 11:30 in glorious sunshine to meet up with Ian in the usual place. We rode down to Chew Valley lake for tea and cake, then took the same route home as last week via Clutton. As we rolled into Timsbury it started to rain leaving me with a conundrum over which route to take home. I eventually took the short but hilly route as it’s slightly quicker despite the extra climbing involved.

36.5 miles with 851m/2791ft of climbing.

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3 Responses to Two seasons in one ride

  1. matt says:

    my ride started in mist ended in boiling heat, now it’s overcast.

  2. Simon says:

    Sun > mist > sun > cloudy (with one light shower) for me.

  3. paul says:

    Hi. Stumbled across your blog while searching the web. Was amused to find that we have chosen the same title for our blog, although for different reasons. In some parts of London, we might be seen as being on different sides in a war. Actually, I ride to work, so I guess I’m a double agent. Happy cycling.