Engineers vs Housing Admin

Inconsistency was the keyword tonight. We might as well have tossed a coin to decide the winner. After swapping pairs of legs we eventually got to 4-4, however we cocked up the last leg and lost the match and the pins.

Engineers took the full compliment of 8 points, Housing Admin took 4.

We even drank the bar dry of proper beer which wasn’t good.

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5 Responses to Engineers vs Housing Admin

  1. Simon says:

    The flying start to the season is over. Normal service resumed!

  2. rjw says:


    I peaked during the first match, it’s all downhill now.

  3. matt says:

    #1 why try harder ;)

  4. alex says:

    no wonder you messed up if you kept swapping legs… that’s enough to put anyone off!

  5. matt says:

    …. it explains a lot about his cycling too ;