Riding on a Saturday?

For the first time in living memory[1] I went for a proper ride on a Saturday. There was an ulterior motive in that there was a working party at the scout hut I needed to be at, and the hut conveniently lies two thirds of the way round one of my usual rides. I took the Unit out for a bit of flat-barred variety, and pottered round the usual route trying to avoid all the students re-emerginging from their summer hibernation and returning to university.

I spent a few hours helping out at the scout hut, most of that time was spent chopping down trees. Strangely enough, Sidi Dominators aren’t the best shoes to wear when performing tree surgery. Maybe there is a gap in the market for spd compatible steel toecap work boots?

[1] Well, a good few months at least

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2 Responses to Riding on a Saturday?

  1. alex says:

    No one’s left a comment… poor richie..

  2. Steve says:

    We were all too shocked to type.