Running on empty

Tonights ride didn’t go exactly to plan.

I met Ian at the shop as usual and we headed out along the cycle track at a nice brisk 20mph. Things started to go downhill at this point as the rain started to fall. Once we reached Saltford we headed up towards the top of Double Gravity which is where I really began to struggle. My legs just wouldn’t work at all, at one point I didn’t think I’d actually reach the top of the climb. Once we got to the top Ian headed on towards home, I stopped to eat my emergency Go bar, then headed back the way I’d come.

I eventually got home wet and tired after only 15 miles which isn’t that good really.

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2 Responses to Running on empty

  1. matt says:

    at least you went out.

  2. Simon says:

    15 miles is a fine distance for a dreary Wednesday.