October Ride Totals

I’ll not be riding tonight due to a sore knee, so it’s time for the monthly totals.

It’s back to the sub-200 miles months again now, mainly due to a lack of long Sunday rides and the wetter weather.

Bike Rides Miles
Kona Unit 4 49
Ribble Audax 16 46.75

Trek XO 2 33.5
Kona Kaboom 3 17.75
Cove Stiffee 2 17
Specialized Langster 2 15.5
Totals 29 179.5

Night Rider

Tonight was my first proper night ride of the winter. Having picked up some spokes for the wheel I broke yesterday I quickly set about repairing it in readyness for tonights ride. I would probably have been quicker to take the Stiffee, but it’s currently hidden behind the cross bike, so I repaired the Unit instead.

I settled for doing the usual Uni route, the trip across the golf course was quite spooky as the mist was descending and shrouding the trees. I might even try a similar ride again tomorrow night for Haloween, although that’ll depend on me remembering to wash and dry some cycling kit tonight.

Let there be light

The replacement bulb for my Solstice HID lamp arrived today, and everything works perfectly again, possibly even better than before1. It’s a shame the bulbs are so expensive though, even with a discount it was still the wrong side of fifty quid.

I’m not really in the mood for braving the wind for a night ride tonight, so it’ll probably get a proper test next week.

[1] The old bulb was fogging over again despite have been "revived" last November.