More new toys

My new camera bag arrived today. It’s a Domke F-1X copy made by Safrotto. Apparently they are virtually identical to the old Domke bags, and supposedly better made than the newer ones although the dividers inside aren’t quite as good. The best bit though was the price, the Domke is £170 over here, this cost me £18 plus postage from the US. The postage actually cost more than the bag itself, I think it worked out at about £50 in the end for the bag, delivered to the UK.

Any Port in a storm

Another night, another trip round the Uni.

Thanks to the rain and wind since Sunday tonights ride was a bit odd. The muddy bits were a lot muddiers, but the "dry" bits were a lot drier. It was a nice spin round the 12 mile loop despite the brief rain storm as I rode across the top of the hill. I had to stop on the way into the Uni to put my waterproof on. I made the obligatory stop on the downs for a sup from the hip flask which contained Port tonight for a change. I think I prefer whiskey mid-ride though.

It’s time to wash all the mud off and get ready for beer and video night. Tonight we’re watching Army of Darkness.

Housing Admin vs Treasurers – Nomination Cup 2nd round

I hate playing in the Nomination Cup with a passion you can only dream of. Despite that, I actually did OK in the first two legs then went down hill a bit which coincided with our first lost leg. Luckily it was the only leg we lost and we went on to win 5-1.

Housing Admin advance to the semi-finals which will be played on a neutral alley. The Treasurers are saved from the torture of another Nomination Cup match until next season. However both teams went home hungry because the club forgot to cook any food for us.

The deed is done

I’ve ordered a box of bits from On-One comprising a 20" 456, a Twelfty seatpost, and Bignose saddle. Hopefully it’ll all arrive in time for my birthday. All the rest of the bits will come from the Stiffee with the possible exception of the headset.

Whilst a Cotic BFe or Santa Cruz Chameleon would have been nicer, they would also have cost over twice as much, and I’m not sure how much I’ll actually ride a geared hardtail given my current preference for a fully rigid singlespeed.

Mud, glorious mud

It was my first proper offroad ride for several weeks today. For once it wasn’t windy or raining so I took the Unit out for a spin round the Uni. It was really muddy in places which was fun, but the mud was sloppy enough not to clog everything up. My brakes do a good impression of a banshee when wet though, but my pads seem to last somewhat longer than Matt’s do.

Kona Unit in Rainbow Woods

32:18 is still proving to be a rather agreeable gear for winter use, although a little bit spinny on the canal coming home. Project "Stiffee replacement" is progressing slowly, I’m currently debating the merits of pre-ordering an On-One 456, against saving a bit more money and getting a Cotic BFe in the new year.

In other news, nothing of any interest at all has happened in the last week.

Housing Admin vs Larks

Apparently we lost 5-3 last week, partly due to only managing to find 7 players instead of the requisite 8.

Tonight was a somewhat better match. We should have won 5-1 but the bottom half cocked things up a bit meaning we only won 5-3. Fortunately that meant we were in control of the table when our badly cooked sausage and chips turned up.

Housing Admin took the full 8 points, Larks took 2.

Larks vs Housing Admin

This is a somewhat belated report due to the fact that for the first time in several years I actually missed a game. The match took place last Thursday and not entirely unsurprisingly we lost. The return match starts in about 45 minutes and hopefully my return to the team will rejuvenate us and bring a nice victory.

Somehow I doubt it though.