Lights go out

After my last few dark rides, I finally ordered a new Li-Ion battery and charger which should be with me early next week. Theoretically it’ll give me 5 hours of run time instead of the 45 minutes I get at the moment. It’ll be nice to finish a ride with working lights for a change.

I might look at sending my Lumicycle battery back for a service, I suspect one of the cells has died lowering the output voltage to the point where it can’t power the HID lamp for long enough.

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18 Responses to Lights go out

  1. Simon says:

    Li-ion? Posh git :)

  2. rich says:

    It seemed better value than the NiMH one from Lumicycle.

  3. Gary says:

    Have you gone for the Lumicycle Li-ion pack or have you found a nice cheap source?

  4. rich says:

    I got a new battery and charger from The Rush for

  5. matt says:

    I think all 4 of my batteries are dead, so I was looking at Hope Lights last night. possibly a stem mounted HID.

  6. Gary says:

    Fairly academic anyhow as both Lumi and Rush batteries will cook the ballast in my light :(

    I think I may investigate the 11.1V options from Batteryspace.

  7. Simon says:

    What light Gary?
    Lumicycle said they’d change my ballast for free if I wanted.

  8. Gary says:

    Its a trailtech one. I need to check again but I think the last time I looked it had the lower rated ballast in it.

  9. Simon says:

    I still fancy the eclipse 30W HID on batteryspace but it’s $350+postage with a 9.6Ah Li-ion battery.

    A 7.2AH 11.1V Li-ion battery and charger is only $100, bet the postage is loads though :(

  10. matt says:

    30w HID.. how bright would that be?


    100W (1850 lums) !!!
    that would be like riding in the daytime.. awesome!

  11. Gary says:

    “bet the postage is loads though”

    55 dollars. Still works out quite appealing (assuming it dodges the taxman)

  12. Mother says:

    Your legs will give out long before your lights do!!

  13. matt says:

    well i’ve recharged my batteries, now.. will they last longer than 30mins?

  14. Simon says:

    Go and try them now, it’s lovely out ;-)

  15. matt says:

    yeah it SOUNDS lovely! ;)
    I fell of twice today because of the wind!

  16. Father says:

    I have that trouble but it’s caused by my pills!
    (Rarely totally free from pain!)

  17. alex says:

    are the pills for the wind or the pain? I’m confused…..