Any Port in a storm

Another night, another trip round the Uni.

Thanks to the rain and wind since Sunday tonights ride was a bit odd. The muddy bits were a lot muddiers, but the "dry" bits were a lot drier. It was a nice spin round the 12 mile loop despite the brief rain storm as I rode across the top of the hill. I had to stop on the way into the Uni to put my waterproof on. I made the obligatory stop on the downs for a sup from the hip flask which contained Port tonight for a change. I think I prefer whiskey mid-ride though.

It’s time to wash all the mud off and get ready for beer and video night. Tonight we’re watching Army of Darkness.

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3 Responses to Any Port in a storm

  1. Simon says:

    Port? Yuck.

    Army of darkness sounds silly. I think I’ll watch the man with two brains :)

  2. matt says:

    maybe I should drink half way around my ride to make it more interesting :)