Another breakage

I went to dig the Unit out for a quick spin this morning and decided something looked a bit odd. On closer inspection I discovered that the Planet-X Probe seatpost was bent backwards at a angle that shouldn’t be considered normal. Luckily I’d not got around to rebuilding the Inbred yet so the seatpost from that was sat on the side ready and waiting.

Once out on the ride my heart wasn’t really in it thanks to a combination of my cold and the cold weather. Even the sight of several fire engines racing up to a stranded coach didn’t lighten my mood. I rode across the top to the Uni then instead of taking the mud-clogged route onto the Downs decided to head back down into town via the roads. I nipped into the LBS and picked up an Easton Havoc seatpost as a replacement, then fought my way through the crowds back through town and home.

Time for a warm shower and a mug of tea.

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3 Responses to Another breakage

  1. matt says:

    Your ride sounded as much fun as mine…. I got rained on for the 11th consecutive ride :(

  2. rich says:

    Its nice and sunny here at the moment. I just wasn’t in a riding mood.

  3. matt says:

    Crap here all day, really.

    I finished another set of pads of and seem to be collecting sidewall tears too..