Ooh look

I appear to be 34 now.

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9 Responses to Ooh look

  1. Steve says:

    Happy Birthday.

  2. samuri says:

    Happy Birthday Rich!

    What did you get?

    That’s a stupid time to have a birthday if I might say so, so close to christmas. ;-)

  3. alex says:

    Happy Birthday indeed

  4. Tom says:

    Happy Birthday.
    So bike for birthday what are you buyinbg for xmas?

  5. Simon says:

    Happy Birthday Richie :)

  6. matt says:

    I thought it was only 33… Bon Anniversaire

  7. Mother says:

    Definitely 34…. I remember it well!!!!

  8. grant says:

    Happy Birthday bruv!!

  9. samuri says:

    this has popped up in my RSS feed again, like the Queen.