My christmas

Feel ill, ride bike, feel ill, eat breakfast, feel ill, open presents, feel ill, eat lunch, feel ill, ride home, feel ill, sleep, feel slightly better.

Bit of an anti-climax really. Hopefully I’ll feel better for the re-run on Saturday.

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7 Responses to My christmas

  1. matt says:

    Did santa bring you something special?

  2. alex says:

    A hangover?

  3. Steve says:

    Merry Christmas buddy, at least you did not have to cook for 11. See you Sunday.

  4. Simon says:

    Re-run? You have Christmas twice a year?

  5. rich says:

    Blame Alex. He’s in Ipswich until the end of the week.

  6. matt says:

    “He’s in Ipswich until the end of the week”

    when he’s out on bail?


  7. alex says:

    They cant prove a thing…