2006 Ride Totals

Not as good as last year.

Bike Rides Miles
Lemond Buenos Aires 23 585.25
Kona Unit 31 381
Ribble Audax 104 360
Specialized Langster 72 309.5
Trek XO 15 273.5
Cove Stiffee 14 157.5
Kona Kaboom 8 62
On-One Inbred (Fixed) 37 108.5
On-One 456 2 17.5
Totals 306 2254.75
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8 Responses to 2006 Ride Totals

  1. Simon says:

    Well done Rich. Might not be as far as last year but still loads more than most people do :)

    I’ll hold off posting my totals until tomorrow. If I’m feeling better than I am at the moment I’ll go for a spin with SteveM around Delamere.

  2. matt says:

    You back up here then, Si?

    2254 is quite along way really, and you did some good rides.. there is a thing such as riding too much IME.

  3. Simon says:

    Yes Matt, back yesterday.

  4. matt says:

    Ace, I might need your arms sometime.. and you can come visit my house from hell.

  5. Simon says:

    Ill at the moment, won’t be much use :(

  6. grant says:


    >there is a thing such as riding too much IME.

    ROTFLMAO. ;-)

    Year totals then….2777.5 miles.

  7. Tom says:

    Everybody rocks and have done loads.
    I managed to put in a late spurt to look a bit better.

  8. samuri says:

    rich’s post keep up in my rss reader with the rides and mile counts right next to each other so it came out like

    “Lemond Buenos Aires23585.25 Kona Unit31381 Ribble Audax104360 Specialized Langster72309.5 Trek XO15273.5 Cove Stiffee14157.5 Kona Kaboom862 On-One Inbred (Fixed)37108.5 On-One 456217.5 Totals3062254.75…”

    To which I was thoroughly impressed. ;-)

    Really shit year for me in 2006 for mileage, and 2007 isn’t looking much better at the moment with a very poor start and an illness that kept me off the bike.