The Plague

Somewhere along the line I think I’ve been infected with the plague. I blame Carl who forced himself to stay at work last week until he was nearly thrown out and sent home ill. The sore throat and cough are now manageable, but it still feels like I’ve been kicked hard in the chest and I’m permanently out of breath.

As a result of that, there is virtually no chance of any proper bike riding before next week, I even had to miss a skittles match last night which is almost unheard of for me.

I’ll drag myself back into the office tomorrow, but it might end up being via the doctors if I still can’t breathe.

Diesel Power

Another trip out on the 456 tonight, this time with Conti Diesel tyres fitted instead of the Nokian NBXs I’ve been running for a while. Despite being heavier tyres, and having DH tubes inside, the Diesels roll better than the NBXs and don’t seem to grip any worse. They feel a lot more stable as well which is nice.

I did the usual Uni route but missed out Shepherds Walk, or The Path of Pain as I like to call it now. I still managed to ride into a tree later on so it wasn’t all plain sailing.

I’m now waiting for my toes to defrost before I have a shower.


The quote arrived to replace my kitchen window today, so I tried to ring the insurance company to make a claim. Somewhat easier said than done.

After hunting around to find where I’d hidden last years policy documents I tried to ring the number listed for claims, only to find that it was an invalid number, they’d left a vital "9" out. Once I’d found an older policy to check the number, I got through to someone only to discover they couldn’t actually find my policy on the computer system. They’ve got details of the one that starts next week, but not the one that’s actually current. They can’t log the claim against the only listed policy as obviously the claim is being made before the policy actually takes effect.

Someone we managed to log the details somewhere, and apparently someone will call me back to sort things out, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Nearly a Monkey

Apparently that’s what it’ll cost to get my damaged window replaced. I’m just waiting for the proper quote now before dealing with the insurance people.

The Ribble is now sporting the Conti Ultra Gatorskins from the spare wheels for the Lemond. These are in preparation for what should be the first road ride of the year tomorrow. Later in the year I’ll get some Conti GP4000 tyres for the posh Lemond wheels, and move the Gatorskins from those onto the spare wheels.

Tonights film watching is following a drug theme. A Scanner Darkly was the opening feature, and is about to be followed by Traffic.

Hopefully the wind will have died down before we head out on the ride tomorrow.

I rode again

I know that may be somewhat difficult to believe, but I went out on the 456 again tonight. I did the same route as Sunday but with the added bonus of darkness. I think this was my first proper off-road night ride where I didn’t actually break anything since last winter. I did crash into a tree though so it wasn’t all good.

The 456 was even better to ride tonight. It might benefit from a seatpost with some layback, but for the shortish rides I tend to do on it, it’ll be fine for the moment.

Update: I got back just in time, it’s pouring with rain again now.