It’s a bit like being stuck in a very bad repetitive rave.

One of the advantages of working in a hospital is that if you need treatment, they tend to ring you up and say "we’ve got a spare slot in an hour, can you come down?". They rang me at three, and I was wedged inside a MRI scanner just after four. There isn’t a lot of room in there, especially when you’re my size.

I expect I’ll get a letter with the results in a week or two.

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10 Responses to MRI

  1. Simon says:

    Did they grease you up before they wedged you in there?

  2. rich says:

    It might have been a good idea.

  3. matt says:

    I’d pity the nurse that had that job!

    what’s up with you, is this related to the removal of your back?

  4. rich says:

    It’s to do with me losing feeling in two fingers on my left hand after last years argument with a tree.

  5. alex says:

    Was it Michael Noakes who helped you out?

  6. alex says:

    I could have a word, as when i had my xray i had the results in about 10 minutes :)

  7. grant says:

    They’re removing Rich’s back?!?!?!?

    Anyway, thanks to Simon, I’m now haunted by images of Mr Incredible squeezing into that pod……….

  8. Simon says:

    Glad to be of service Grant :)

  9. Father says:

    I’ve been in there as well. They were looking for a brain. Never did get the results. They said my eyes were alright. The nurse counted them I think!