Housing Admin vs Treasurers

After a few weeks break for Christmas and New Year, it was back to skittles again tonight.

We won the first leg quite easily, but were left a fairly high leg to beat for the second. Things went slightly downhill when I managed to rip my jeans down the inside of my right leg from arse to knee, we went on to lose the leg as well. Howeverf after that we didn’t look back, even with the exploding bottle of lager.

Housing went on to win 5-1 and took the full 8 points, Treasurers took 1.

Our next match is in three weeks time.

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2 Responses to Housing Admin vs Treasurers

  1. Father says:

    So did you lose your leg as a result of the torn jeans or the exploding bottle of lager? We need to know. Is it on u-tube?