I rode again

I know that may be somewhat difficult to believe, but I went out on the 456 again tonight. I did the same route as Sunday but with the added bonus of darkness. I think this was my first proper off-road night ride where I didn’t actually break anything since last winter. I did crash into a tree though so it wasn’t all good.

The 456 was even better to ride tonight. It might benefit from a seatpost with some layback, but for the shortish rides I tend to do on it, it’ll be fine for the moment.

Update: I got back just in time, it’s pouring with rain again now.

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4 Responses to I rode again

  1. Simon says:

    Splendid :) Hope you’re not too damaged from your tree collision?

  2. rich says:

    It snagged on my uber-wide bars and spun me off. I just about managed to stay upright though which was handy. It was only a few yards from where I crashed into a tree last year and messed up my arm.

  3. Simon says:

    Hmmm, that stretch of trail is obviously cursed!

  4. matt says:

    I love closing the door just as the rain’s arrive.. usually I open the door as they arrive, though :o