Diesel Power

Another trip out on the 456 tonight, this time with Conti Diesel tyres fitted instead of the Nokian NBXs I’ve been running for a while. Despite being heavier tyres, and having DH tubes inside, the Diesels roll better than the NBXs and don’t seem to grip any worse. They feel a lot more stable as well which is nice.

I did the usual Uni route but missed out Shepherds Walk, or The Path of Pain as I like to call it now. I still managed to ride into a tree later on so it wasn’t all plain sailing.

I’m now waiting for my toes to defrost before I have a shower.

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1 Response to Diesel Power

  1. matt says:

    Wow another ride!
    I ditched NBX’s for Geax Sturdy’s in the summer, much more comfortable, no increase in rolling resistance, and they don’t wear as fast as the NBX either.
    Only problem is the sidewalls develop a lot of hernias (5-10mm slits) with the tube pushing though.. again. another company not making stuff properly.

    Maybe I will email Geax and ask them to fix it.