End of an Era

The Stiffee has well and truly been retired now. I’ve ridden the 456 enough to realise that it’s not going straight onto the junk pile, so I finally got around to stripping the last of the components off the Stiffee, before hosing it down to clean the mud off. Once it had dried I gave it a final wipe down before relegating it to a life sat on top of the shelving unit in the back bedroom.

It was an interesting 5 years.

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7 Responses to End of an Era

  1. matt says:

    You could sell it.

  2. Mother says:

    The back bedroom?? Why not the sofa in the sitting room??

  3. rich says:

    The camera bag lives on the sofa.

  4. Simon says:

    Stick a couple of nails in the wall and hang it from them :)

  5. rich says:

    Why would I want to hang the camera bag on the wall?


    I might hang the Stiffee up if I can find space on a suitable wall.

  6. matt says:

    People might talk if you display your battered stiffee in public.