Police vs Housing Admin

We braved the reports of the impending end of the world, or a little bit of snow as it’s more commonly known, and headed up to Weston Bowls Club to play the return match against the Police tongiht. Unfortunately I didn’t play as well tonight as I did last week when I wasn’t there, and after trading legs for a while we hit a losing streak and eventually lost 5-3.

Police took the full 8 points Housing Admin took 3.

I’m not sure how much longer Housing Admin will last as a team. Two players are emigrating to Spain in a month, and another will be moving away next year. Given that we already struggle for players at the moment, I can’t see the team surving until next season unless the captain breaks the habit of a lifetime and recruits new players. I think this is my fourteenth season playing for the team, so I’m still classed as a newcomer.

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  1. Father says:

    So when are you off to Spain?
    Were you going to tell us or send a postcard!