Lazyness and shopping

This week has been a particularly lazy week. Apart from the 14 mile walk on Tuesday, I’ve not done anything energetic mainly due to the seemingly incessant rain. I have done a fair amount of shopping though. I splashed out on a new mobile phone, an Alpkit Fat Airic camping mat, a handful of DVDs from Play and the Woolworths sale, and a new Hone chainset and requisite tools for the 456.

Hopefully next weeks weather will be better and I can get a bit of riding done, although given the fact that the ground is almost totally waterlogged, it’ll no doubt still be a mucky ride even if it isn’t raining.

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2 Responses to Lazyness and shopping

  1. matt says:

    I managed to avoid most of the rain this week, not sure how!

  2. samuri says:

    I was surprised this weekend actually. I expected the ground to be completely drenched but for the most part, it was just a light covering of mud.