Honing the 456

The 456 is now equipped with a Shimano Hone 22/32/Bash chainset. I’m living dangerously by not getting the BB shell faced, but as and when the first set of bearings fail, I’ll get the shell faced and some replacements fitted, then send the old cups off to Sideways and get the Phil Wood bearings fitted.

I might head out for a ride after the World Cup cycling on telly finishes, provided the weather holds out.

Update: The weather didn’t hold out :(

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2 Responses to Honing the 456

  1. matt says:

    I got mine faced…. they lasted 1,000 ss matt miles, I doubt facing makes much difference, I wouldnt; expect them to die after, say 500 miles, SS miles do put a lot more strain on a set of bearings, you could always just carefully scrape the paint from the bb cups with a stanley blade, I did that on my heckler and surly.

    I might buy the enduroseal bearing pushing device, I could see if getting a lot of use.

  2. matt says:

    Or I might see what I can do with some wood and a vice :)