Getting Organised

I’ve just broken my self-imposed "no organised bike riding" rule and have entered SSUK 07. Given that it’s in Bristol it seemed silly not to go. Due to apathy it’s the first SSUK/SSEU raced I’ve entered since 2003.

I suspect the drinking will take priority that weekend, and bike riding will probably be an afterthought.

Bath Hospitals vs Housing Admin

Our Spanish contingent had returned from the continent, so we were almost back to full strength tonight. We won the first 4 legs quite convinicingly, but then it all went a bit wrong. We lost the next two legs, partly due to a spare from Marion, but managed to thrash their score in the 7th leg to win 5-2.

Housing took 8 points, Bath Hospitals took 2.

We’ve only got 4 league matches and a cup final left now. We can’t win the league, but we could win the cup.

It’s back

My biking mojo is back. All it took was a sunny evening, dry trails, and my Kona Unit.

It was my first time out on the Unit since mid December, and in that time I’d forgotten quite how much fun you can have on a rigid singlespeed. Everything on the ride went perfectly once I’d actually got going properly. However there was an aborted start when I realised I’d left the fridge door open, and whilst heading back inside to rectify that I caught my shoe on a sharp screw and put a hole in my Sidi Dominators. I taped them up before the ride, and I’ll clean them later and try and tape them up a bit better. Replacements will cost the wrong side of £100, so the tape will have to do.

I’m moving furniture tomorrow and skittling Thursday, but hopefully I’ll get another ride in on the way to the scout planning meeting Friday night.

Housing Admin vs Odd Bods

This was meant to be the second match of the season, but it was delayed because we couldn’t raise a team.

I played like a complete numpty for most of the match tonight, I couldn’t get above a 5. The rest of the team weren’t much better at times. After getting 58 in the first leg, we soon plummeted to the low 40s. Luckliy Odd Bods were out of practice due to not having played for 7 weeks, so we eventually managed to beat them 5-2.

Housing Admin took 8 points, Odd Bods took 2.

Fortunatly Tony and Mary are back from their spanish excursion which will help bolster the team for the last few matches. We’ve also got a date and location for the Pins cup final, however it’s at Bath City FC which isn’t our favourite alley.


Well they say that it’s all in the preparation, so this evening I dug the Unit out ready for tomorrow night. It’s not been ridden for over three months, so I decided the lighter evenings provided the ideal opportunity to bring it out of retirement.

To do this I had to rescue it from it’s hiding place behind the 456, and add some extra air to it’s somewhat deflated tyres. Some of the mud left over from it’s last excursion made it’s way onto the floor giving me a good excuse to brush the floor clear of mud and various feline by-products. All I need to do is introduce the chain to some oil before the ride and everything should be ready. As I’ve not ridden the bike since replacing the seatpost I’m sure there will be a few stops to wave an allen key at it to adjust things before I reach the top of the hill. Hopefully my current lack of fitness will still cope with the 32:18 gearing.

It’s skittles tonight hence delaying the ride until tomorrow.

Bath Half Marathon

It’s the Bath Half Marathon time of year again, which combined with the clock change meant I got out of bed at an unfeasibly early hour on a Sunday morning.

I shunned my usual work post and headed into town for a bit of variety, we ended up stationed in Widcombe, cunningly close to Louise’s flat, it’s proper toilet, and most importantly it’s kettle. We had two pallets of water, and three pallets of Lucozade to hand out, but were left with quite a lot of Lucozade, some of which is now on the floor behind me, along with about 50 pre-opened bottles of water. The hardest part was probably shifting an entire pallet of Lucozade into the back of a van at the end of the race, it didn’t do my back much good.

As normal I was clutching a camera bag, and gave the 1.4x convertor it’s first proper test on the 70-200/2.8, I was very impressed with the results.

Drinks Ahead

More pics on Flickr

Loose Rear End – Part 2

I’ve now swapped the aging Syncros skewers on the 456 with some allen key jobbers, and possibly identified the problem. It looks like the axle on the Hope XC hub actually protrudes slightly past the outside of the dropout, and the skewer tightens up against this rather than the dropout itself. Obviously this wasn’t a problem on the Stiffee or Craftworks with their thick aluminium dropouts, but causes problems on the 456 with it’s more slender steel dropout.

I’ll give the allen key skewers a whirl, and pad it out with washers if necessary.