Loose Rear End – Part 2

I’ve now swapped the aging Syncros skewers on the 456 with some allen key jobbers, and possibly identified the problem. It looks like the axle on the Hope XC hub actually protrudes slightly past the outside of the dropout, and the skewer tightens up against this rather than the dropout itself. Obviously this wasn’t a problem on the Stiffee or Craftworks with their thick aluminium dropouts, but causes problems on the 456 with it’s more slender steel dropout.

I’ll give the allen key skewers a whirl, and pad it out with washers if necessary.

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2 Responses to Loose Rear End – Part 2

  1. matt says:

    I found the same thing on the Kaboom, so I filed the end of the axle down.

  2. Father says:

    Of course the loose rear end could have been the result of all that garlic!