Bath Half Marathon

It’s the Bath Half Marathon time of year again, which combined with the clock change meant I got out of bed at an unfeasibly early hour on a Sunday morning.

I shunned my usual work post and headed into town for a bit of variety, we ended up stationed in Widcombe, cunningly close to Louise’s flat, it’s proper toilet, and most importantly it’s kettle. We had two pallets of water, and three pallets of Lucozade to hand out, but were left with quite a lot of Lucozade, some of which is now on the floor behind me, along with about 50 pre-opened bottles of water. The hardest part was probably shifting an entire pallet of Lucozade into the back of a van at the end of the race, it didn’t do my back much good.

As normal I was clutching a camera bag, and gave the 1.4x convertor it’s first proper test on the 70-200/2.8, I was very impressed with the results.

Drinks Ahead

More pics on Flickr

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