Housing Admin vs Odd Bods

This was meant to be the second match of the season, but it was delayed because we couldn’t raise a team.

I played like a complete numpty for most of the match tonight, I couldn’t get above a 5. The rest of the team weren’t much better at times. After getting 58 in the first leg, we soon plummeted to the low 40s. Luckliy Odd Bods were out of practice due to not having played for 7 weeks, so we eventually managed to beat them 5-2.

Housing Admin took 8 points, Odd Bods took 2.

Fortunatly Tony and Mary are back from their spanish excursion which will help bolster the team for the last few matches. We’ve also got a date and location for the Pins cup final, however it’s at Bath City FC which isn’t our favourite alley.

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