Well they say that it’s all in the preparation, so this evening I dug the Unit out ready for tomorrow night. It’s not been ridden for over three months, so I decided the lighter evenings provided the ideal opportunity to bring it out of retirement.

To do this I had to rescue it from it’s hiding place behind the 456, and add some extra air to it’s somewhat deflated tyres. Some of the mud left over from it’s last excursion made it’s way onto the floor giving me a good excuse to brush the floor clear of mud and various feline by-products. All I need to do is introduce the chain to some oil before the ride and everything should be ready. As I’ve not ridden the bike since replacing the seatpost I’m sure there will be a few stops to wave an allen key at it to adjust things before I reach the top of the hill. Hopefully my current lack of fitness will still cope with the 32:18 gearing.

It’s skittles tonight hence delaying the ride until tomorrow.

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