It’s back

My biking mojo is back. All it took was a sunny evening, dry trails, and my Kona Unit.

It was my first time out on the Unit since mid December, and in that time I’d forgotten quite how much fun you can have on a rigid singlespeed. Everything on the ride went perfectly once I’d actually got going properly. However there was an aborted start when I realised I’d left the fridge door open, and whilst heading back inside to rectify that I caught my shoe on a sharp screw and put a hole in my Sidi Dominators. I taped them up before the ride, and I’ll clean them later and try and tape them up a bit better. Replacements will cost the wrong side of £100, so the tape will have to do.

I’m moving furniture tomorrow and skittling Thursday, but hopefully I’ll get another ride in on the way to the scout planning meeting Friday night.

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1 Response to It’s back

  1. Simon says:

    Yay, sunny evening biking rocks. Shame about the shoes though :(