Crazy Gang vs Housing Admin

CDRFC isn’t the best alley to finish your skittling career on, but it’s what we were given. A miscalculation meant we actually needed 3 points from tonights match, not the 1 we had originally thought. We managed to lose the first leg on a tie which didn’t get us off to a good start, losing the second as well didn’t help, but then we managed to trade legs until the match was 3-3. We lost the 7th leg on another tie, and then lost the 8th properly. Fortunately we’d done enough to take the pins so Crazy Gang took 7 points, and we took 4 which should guarantee us second place in the league.

One of the sticker-ups learned a valuable lesson tonight. A tight low-cut vest top and hipster jeans are not really suitable clothing to wear when sticking up if you want to remain any modicum of decency. Especially if you’re wearing bright red underwear.

And now my skittling career is at an end. That’s all folks.

End of an era

Tonight will be my last skittles match, Housing Admin are disbanding due to a lack of players and won’t be taking part next season.

I originally got drafted in for one match in September 1993 and have been playing ever since. In the 14 seasons I’ve played we’ll have won 6 cups, and come runner-up on several occasions. Not a bad showing really.

Cooling down

Following the overheating problems with my laptop I decided to get a cooler for it, the Zalman ZM-NC1000 looks like a good bet so I head off to Dabs to order one. The first order gets put on hold for a security check, apparently because my address details are wrong, despite having been the same since my account was created there several years ago. I cancel that order, change a few details on my account, mainly swapping phone numbers around, and order again. Straight away that order also gets put on hold for a security check. One snotty email later pointing out that we’ve reached something of an impasse, I cancelled that order as well and have ordered it from somewhere (hopefully) more sensible.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

Having ordered a new PC last night, my laptop has decided to sulk. Periodically the picture breaks up and the screen flickers a lot then goes blank, usually this is when the CPU load is high. I think that the cause of the problem is the graphics card overheating, I might see if I can remove the heatsink at somepoint and refit it with some more thermal compound underneath. Obviously I won’t be buying the extra 1GB of memory for it whilst it’s being temperamental in case I have to replace it with something faster. If I do replace it, it definately won’t be with another Fujitsu Siemens.

Bringing myself almost up to date

After a day or so spent messing about with an old PC trying to get a servicable NAS box running, I’ve finally caved in and ordered a new PC. It’s a Dell machine from the factory outlet, sporting a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB RAM, 250GB SATA HD, DVD RW, and a 256MB Nvidia graphics card. I’ll add the 320GB SATA drive from the current PC, and probably buy another 2GB RAM to beef it up a bit.

Once that’s up and running I’ll use my current PC to replace my FreeBSD server, then use the FreeBSD server as the NAS box.

Hobbs Cup Final: Treasurers vs Housing Admin

Tonight was the Pins Cup Final, aka the Hobbs Cup. We were drawn as the away team, and for the first 5 legs or so it was pretty even, however a minor slipup or two left us 11 pins down after 7 legs, mainly due to Treasurers having got two spares and us none. Fortunately Treasurers didn’t have a great last two legs leaving us needing 54 for our last leg to take the cup. Somehow we managed to get our highest leg of the match, a 59, to win by 5 pins, mainly thanks to one of our team getting our first and only spare of the night.

For some bizarre reason I was top score, a 15 spare might have had something to do with that though :)

As for the league, it turns out that the captain miscalculated, we still need one point from the last match, which is being played next Monday, to guarantee us second place in the league.

Special mention should probably be made of our captain Dave Weeks, who, as of yesterday, is now known as Granddad Weeks following the birth of William James Weeks. To be fair, Jon and Charlotte had a lot more to do with it than he did.

Housing Admin vs Crazy Gang

We won the first leg quite covincingly, but lost the next two, however we then hit a run of good legs and went on to win 5-2, taking the full 8 points in the process. If our maths is right, that guarantees us second place in the league thanks to the team in first place beating the team now in third.

Tonight was also the end of an era, as it was our last ever home match at Widcombe Social Club. To be honest I won’t miss the place. It’s not a patch on what it used to be when I started playing in the early 90’s, I’m not sure they’ve even cleaned the alley in that time, and the beer is now almost as expensive as in a proper pub.

Our next match is the pins cup final on Wednesday at Bath City FC, let’s hope we can emulate their recent form and win the match.

St George in Bath

I’ve spent most of this weekend up in Royal Victoria Park helping run the St George’s Day scout funday. Saturday was mostly spent putting up a huge marquee which took 15 of us over 5 hours to erect, I was slightly broken afterwards. Copious quantities of alcohol soon numbed the pain, but at 7:45 this morning I was back in the park again nursing a hangover, this time in my role of official event photographer. We had all sorts of weather during the day, overcast and cool in the morning, rain early afternoon, then hot and sunny for the rest of the day, I now have a nicely sunburned face.

As a result of todays work I have a sore back from lugging a heavy bag of camera kit around all day, and 500 or so photos to filter through, post-process, and send off to the ACC Communications for him to deal with as he sees fit.

A Worm’s Eye View of St George’s Day